I am reposting this from the CSRN website. Consumer Studies should definitely be an official section of the American Sociological Association, and this year we are initiating a drive to make it so! We need 200 email signatures.
The Consumer Studies Research Network (CSRN)
 is seeking to become an offical section of the American Sociological Association.

If you are interested insupport this effort, copy and paste the statement below and email it to csrn2011@camden.rutgers.edu. In sending this email, I certify that I am an ASA member and that I pledge to join the Sociology of Consumers and Consumption section as a dues-paying member for at least the next two membership years once it commences.

If you are not an ASA member but intend on becoming one in 2011, it is ok to support section status so long as you follow through and join ASA by Jan 1, 2011. 

 CSRN website: http://csrn.camden.rutgers.edu/  If you have any questions, contact Dan Cook dtcook@camden.ruitgers.edu
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