I am really and truly intending to blog somewhat sociologically now that I have this site. But I have been finding it so difficult to get started! Not that I don't have topics I want to explore, but because it is somewhat intimidating to put myself and my ideas out there in this context. And whenever I start to write informally, I always think it sounds much dumber than it did in my head.

I really admire people who can blog or otherwise informally write on the internet in a very complete, thoughtful, smart and quick way. It really is a talent. But for me, complete thoughts often come very slowly, which is why I like academia. The emphasis is on coming to well-thought out analysis through careful thought and consideration of the data. I like the relative safety. But sometimes this can be paralyzing. I often feel like I am slower than many in this process, so blogging seems like even more of risky practice. How do I balance writing fairly quickly and currently with the risk of being wrong or doing some faulty reasoning, especially when this is all attached to what I am trying to establish as my "professional sociologist" identity?

I do want this blog to more than a list of links- a twitter feed can accomplish that already. And I figure more practice writing is good for me. They say academics (or at least grad students) should write everyday.

So, I am aiming for at least once a week substantive posts. Setting goals is good.

I will be presenting some initial findings from my dissertation research at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society next Friday. So my weekend goal is to put that talk together. This one should be fun- I am talking about Michael Jackson!
Mike Piso
6/2/2010 02:21:59 pm

Don't worry about the style of your writing, some academics write books for the mass market that are less formal than others, think of it like that. I think with blogging so long as you get the idea out there with some sense of how you relate to it and why you've put it there you've accomplished your task. your style is compelling enough. I just spent twenty minutes or so reading your blogs and I totally have other things I should be doing.

I don't even know who you are, I just went to high school with you and just found your website via trolling on fb. anyway I have a bfa in film from mass art and found your writing interesting enough to hold my attention (I dabbled in some media studies courses - and was in school when my film dept was adapting its film curriculum to incorporate digital video).

I'll have to check back here, I've been out of school and swallowed up but find this stuff fun to think about. What did you say about MJ ? He seems to be a point of polarization in some circles.



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